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picture Due to menopause, I have been unable to sleep. I would go to sleep at midnight and wake up at 1 am and be awake until 4 am. I was afraid to try over the counter sleep aids, I do not take pills. The very first day I downloaded Awakenings, I slept perfect and every night since then! I am so grateful. My energy level has soared and I am filled with joy and great expectations. God's Word is sharper than any two-edge sword and it has quickened my spirit, soul, body and mind. - DIANE TAYMAN

"I have tried tens of thousands of dollars of food supplements claimed to have miraculous powers. I have tried many major self improvement methods over the years. You will find one major difference with Awakening®, it truly works without any effort from you!" -NRB

"Awakening is completely unlike any other product I’ve seen or tried. This method goes further in bringing the Word of God into my life and mind than ever before. I have felt my life change dramatically as I’ve been using Awakening, and my friends have noticed a happier, healthier, more motivated and successful me! Things couldn’t be better with my fiancé, and for once in my life I feel like I have the answers to take on anything! I thank God for bringing me Awakening, and I truly pray for others who have opened their hearts to God to open their lives and their minds in this incredible new way." -SH

"I began to realize, with growing excitement, that the Holy Grail for living a successful life was unfolding before my eyes… a life changing process was finally working naturally, without effort and will power directed at change, enriching every aspect of my personal and professional life, in a way which had before seemed out of reach." -RB

"I am so excited that others now have the opportunity to experience Awakening! I can not express what a difference it has made in my life…with my family, my husband, and my career…I am truly blessed. I have sent Awakening as a gift to my special friends and family so those closest to me do not live another day with out the wonderful differences provided by the words of God in their lives. " -AL

At first I was skeptical, but it was really easy to install, and I barely even noticed it when it was running on my computer. Then the really amazing thing happened, everything in my life started to change for the better. I am happy and in every way my life has become whole. I would recommend Awakening to anyone. I can’t imagine living life with out it, the difference is that great. In my life, Awakening has been a miracle…something this self-empowering can only be the work of God. I genuinely hope others lives can be touched by God through Awakening in the way mine has. This truly is a life changing opportunity." -BR

"Awakening has given me the power to completely transform my life through something I deeply believe in, the Word of God. I was amazed by how positive and empowering the quotes can be, and I can honestly say that through Awakening, my life has been touched by God in ways which before seemed out of reach. I am so thrilled that Awakening is now available to the public, and I can’t wait for others to experience the total transformation that is Awakening. In every aspect of my life, the right things seem to come to me, as if I am blessed all of the time. I am healthy, energized, and in both my social and financial lives, things now come easy to me…It is as if I already know the solution to every obstacle. Awakening brings being a Christian to a whole new and much deeper level."- MC

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